Product Pricing Tool: Easily adjust your pricing with just one click

Our new product pricing tool makes it easy to understand processing fees and enables you to adjust your pricing with one click, ensuring you receive the full payment you expect. 

We’ve made some important changes to the user experience when it comes to adding new products (or editing existing ones). With our new product pricing tool, it’s now easier to understand the potential impact of processing fees on your earnings — and allows you to make automatic adjustments to your pricing to help. This update is available now. 

Here are a few more details about this update:

There are two ways to access the new product pricing tool:

  1. It is available when you add a new product or edit an existing product within the Product/Services tab, inside Invoicing. 
  2. It is also available when you create a new invoice and add a new product in the Product dropdown within your invoice template.  

Note: The product pricing tool is not available if you are using our simplified invoice builder, via your mobile phone. It is only accessible inside our advanced invoice builder (when selecting that option on mobile), or for desktop users. 


To adjust your product price when creating a new product, follow these steps: 

  1. Inside the Product/Services tab, click the New Product button. The Add Product page appears. 
  2. Type in your new product name, then select the Category of Income/Sales. Finally, type in your product price into the Price field.
  3. Once you enter your product price, a message will appear "Want to learn how to cover fees?" Expand the message by clicking the up arrow next to the message.
  4. The new product pricing tool will display the dollar amount you will earn if you charge the current price within the Price field. If you'd like to increase the product price to cover potential processing fees, click the Raise price to cover fees button. raise-price-cover-fees
  5. You'll see a confirmation message, and your product price will increase by the amount needed to cover processing. Click Save to add this new product to your products/services list. 


Want to learn other ways to use our new product pricing tool? Be sure to visit the Autobooks Support Center for more information.  

If you have more questions about this update, let us know. Get help from an Autobooks small business specialist online: Submit a Support Request.